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MERLINO elettronica was born in 2002 with the attempt to introduce, to improve and develop to new electronic equipment for the industrial field. From the beginning it has been recognized and appreciated its engagement in supplying a ready and valid answer to the emergency requirements, automation and control of own customers in the development of the working activities. In these years MERLINO elettronica also having consolidated its position in the field of the supply of electronic devices for industry, turns continuously the attention to the solution of new problems and every days supplies technical support those who they ask collaboration. A careful management of warehouse and organization of production moreover allow to offer to a quick service in the deliveries with escape of the orders in narrow times much. Technologies of avanguard, elevated qualities let alone reliabilities of the products, punctuality in the deliveries contained prices are some of the fundamental factors that allow the customer to operate with serenity and emergency knowing of having to Its flank a reliable partner. MERLINO elettronica fair of own acts, will continue to produce every effort useful in order to catch up always better goals.


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The fast increment of the necessity of automatism in the industrial field has always changed more requirement of the used protective devices on blots some. Years ago the security systems offers from the market were a lot often of obstacle to the production process, making that the operating ones in the removal of the same ones with consequent increment of the accidents. Today thanks to the elevated reliability and ergonomics of such devices it has been possible to drastically reduce the number of incidents on the job thanks to the effort of companies that, like MERLINO elettronica, have rendered available systems more and more valid. In phase of planning of a machine, it is necessary to analyze of the several risks and where necessary, they must be taken safeguards measures so as to protect the operator from eventual residual risks of any nature. When an operator often uses a lot a machine, exposing itself to the risk, he can be preferibile to use a optoelettronico protective device rather than mechanical a fixed shelter, reducing the times of working with consequent increment of productivity, maintaining the same level of emergency. The choice of a optoelectronic device must be made according to some fundamental criteria like the dimensions of the zone protect, the category of emergency that must be caught up, the part of the body that must be found, the distance of installation from the dangerous point etc Is necessary before every other thing to estimate the entity of the risk caused from the machine, to estimate the dimensions of the zone that must be protected and the eventual points of access let alone the risk deriving from the possibility by-pass the protection and therefore to approach the danger point without to come found. MERLINO elettronica currently is in a position to offering equipment of high technological content that renders their possible and easy use without to hinder in some way the production process, increasing in considerable way the field of uses of own devices also thanks to a wide availability of heights of protection, ability to survey and various categories of emergency.


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Company rewarded with Mercurio D'Oro

Mercurio dOro - The right acknowledgment to the companies
An ancient divinity, today a symbol, in order to recognize and therefore to value the ability and the engagement, of Men, Women and Companies, that they contribute to form the identity of a Country, exposing itself in first person in lot of difficulties of a more and more competitive and competitive market. Small, averages, great Enterprises: all make part of the truth trade them Italian, but only some succeed in to distinguish themselves with merit in their field.

  Company honored with the brand Made in Brianza

Made in Brianza - Excellence in production
The Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce promotes the excellences of the territory with the attribution of the brand "Made in Brianza", declined in different colors in function of the area. With the Council deliberation n35 date 07 March 2011, the Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce attributed the brand to the MERLINO elettonica sas.

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